I Play a Sport That Uses a Mouthguard, Can I Still Play When I Get Braces?

I Play a Sport That Uses a Mouthguard, Can I Still Play When I Get Braces?
Posted on 02/25/2016

           With winter sports near Vancouver, WA in full swing, it is important to keep your braces safe during games and practices. One way to do this is by wearing a mouthguard that can be worn with braces. In fact, Dr. Tyler Pritchard of Pritchard Orthodontics highly recommends that you wear a mouthguard so that your braces and teeth stay protected. Pritchard Orthodontics near Vancouver, WA is here to ensure that all of our patients who have braces and play a sport keep their smile safe so they can be focused on the game while staying on track with their treatment.

What do mouthguards do?

        Before getting into what mouthguard will work best with braces, Dr. Tyler Pritchard believes it is important for all patients to know exactly what mouthguards do and why they are important. Many sports, like football, lacrosse, and ice hockey, all require mouthguards because they help keep the players’ teeth and mouth safe during a game or practice. While some sports may get rough, mouthguards help players from chipping or losing teeth. When a patient has braces, mouthguards are even more important so the braces stay intact and do not break.

What are the different type of mouthguards available for those with braces?

        There are three main kinds of mouthguards which all can be used by patients with braces near Vancouver, WA. These three kinds of mouthguards are:

  1. Stock Mouthguards: Stock mouthguards are inexpensive, come ready to wear, and can be bought at most sporting goods stores near Vancouver, WA. They are one, uniform fit and therefore cannot be adjusted or changed easily. Because of this, some patients find them bulky and find that it makes talking and breathing difficult. Out of these three mouthguards, stock mouthguards offer the least amount of protection for patient’s teeth and braces during orthodontic treatment.

  2. Boil and Bite Mouthguards: Boil and bite mouthguards are mouthguards which mold to the player’s teeth. To customize them, a patient would need to boil the mouthguard in hot water which softens the thermoplastic material and allows a patient to bite down and mold it to perfectly fit their teeth and braces. Boil and bite mouthguards can also be found at most sporting goods stores near Vancouver, WA and although they are a little more expensive than stock mouthguards, are not overly expensive. However, Dr. Pritchard DOES NOT RECOMMEND this type of mouthguard for anyone with braces.

  3. Orthodontic Mouthguards: Orthodontic mouthguards are mouth guards which are sold by orthodontists, like Dr. Tyler Pritchard. These are the most expensive mouthguards however are customized to fit and protect those with braces. Therefore, orthodontic mouthguards offer the most comfort and protection out of these three.

        No matter what mouthguard you choose, Dr. Tyler Pritchard and Pritchard Orthodontics wants to make sure that your teeth and braces are fully protected during sports games and practices. It is not only important to practice and try your best on the field or court, but to also make sure your braces are protected from any possible injuries. For more information on mouthguards or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Tyler Pritchard, please contact us at Pritchard Orthodontics near Vancouver, WA today by calling 360-667-4111!