I Know That Braces Might Hurt, Does Invisalign Hurt Too?

I Know That Braces Might Hurt, Does Invisalign Hurt Too?
Posted on 03/24/2016

Invisalign is the newest form of “braces” today. Technically, they fill the role of braces with the same goal: to straighten and correct your teeth. However, Invisalign near Brush Prairie, WA at Pritchard Orthodontics takes a radically new approach to traditional braces. Instead of having metal brackets on your teeth, Invisalign uses a lightweight and nearly invisible removable aligner to straighten teeth and help you achieve your dream smile. One of the main questions that potential Invisalign patients have is, “will Invisalign hurt?” After decades of traditional metal braces being associated with pain, many of Dr. Tyler Pritchard’s patients question whether Invisalign hurts as well. Luckily, we have some good news keep on reading to find out more!

Perhaps the greatest advantage of Invisalign over traditional metal braces is that Invisalign is less likely to cause pain. While Invisalign can cause some pain while pushing teeth into position, it is often far more painful with a set of braces. The feeling of pain is actually just more of a slight discomfort with Invisalign, as the aligners provide subtle pressure to move your teeth, and it often doesn’t take too long for your mouth to get used to your current set of trays. Instead of having the same metal brackets on your teeth for the duration of your treatment, Invisalign creates a series of “trays” that are specially created for you and are switched out in order to push your teeth into the correct positions. Eventually, with the help of Dr. Tyler Pritchard and the team at Pritchard Orthodontics, you reach your goal of straight teeth. Just like braces, you do have to wear a retainer to keep your teeth set in their new positions.

Money out of pocket is always a concern, and one of the main causes of braces being expensive is due to the often-inconvenient number of visits required. Luckily, Invisalign requires fewer visits, which is extremely convenient. However, there is another factor to consider- bullying. Braces have an unreasonable but notorious stigma, for children, teens, and sometimes adults. But with Invisalign, many people don’t even notice if a patient is undergoing orthodontic treatment, thus boosting confidence and allowing the patient to improve their smile without anyone knowing.

In conclusion, Invisalign has quickly become the most popular treatment option at Pritchard Orthodontics. It’s less painful than traditional metal braces, and goes almost completely unnoticed by others. Allowing Dr. Tyler Pritchard to help you achieve your dream smile more comfortably and conveniently. To find out more about Invisalign or to schedule an appointment with the team at Pritchard Orthodontics near Brush Prairie, WA, call us today at 360-667-4111!